Educational Approach

We believe there is a direct connection between sensitivity and intelligence ; the more sensitive a child is often the more intelligent a child is as they are able to experience a deeper level of understanding through their sensitivity. This is the reason that learning can be more meaningful when attained through a direct multi sensory experience. Additionally we believe that all levels of higher intelligence is attained through an awareness of multi dimensions ; an awareness of more than just the physical. We believe this awareness is innate in all of us but is often times forgotten when exposed to a learning environment that serves to de sensitize or separate a child from their own sense of innate intelligence. Harmony House endeavors to create a learning environment that supports a child’s natural awareness , sensitivity and sense of connectedness to the one source of nature and life of which we are all a part. We have found that this approach not only strengthens a sense of self awareness or mindfulness but also builds self confidence, self esteem , inspires creative thought, and general sense of trust in one’s self which all serve to bring out a child’s greatest potential as they move forward in life. We also believe that this sense of connectedness is crucial to the evolvement of humanity and many of our children will play key roles in bringing about this shift in consciousness.

Our first priority in attaining this educational approach is to create a calm, loving and harmonious learning environment; we all function at our best when we feel safe, supported and relaxed. We have found that young children tend to feel more secure in a home setting. For this reason we are committed to developing our Preschool programs in residential homes with low class sizes.

Our classrooms are set up with a variety of learning centers that offer inspiring multi sensory activities giving children opportunities to learn through play and direct experience. In addition to our learning centers we offer a balance of both teacher directed and child directed activities daily that incorporate Science, Math, Music, Movement, Language, Story Telling, Writing, Art, Meditation and Outside activities. These learning centers and daily activities provide a well rounded learning environment that support social, emotional, spiritual, physical and cognitive development.

We primarily use high quality organic and recycled materials because it is our intention to live in alignment with nature and to support a sustainable future for our planet. We encourage environmental awareness through organic gardening; organic whole foods and the daily practice of reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Finally it is also our belief that the best way to ultimately care for a child is to offer support for their parents to live a balanced life as well. It is with this intention that Harmony House has developed a Transformative Healing Arts Center called The Conscious Collective. This center offers a wide range of classes designed to provide opportunities to attain a balance of spiritual, physical and emotional heath and well being. The classes currently offered include Yoga, Meditation, Feldenkrais, Kijo (Shaman Fitness), Creative Writing, Expanding Mental Wealth, Women’s Choir, Independent Film and Art Exhibits.